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  • video pic 00:55
    Thailand $120.0

    7 injured in boat accident off Phuket, including 5 Chinese tourists

  • video pic 03:16
    Iran $180.0

    Cargo plane crash in Iran kills 15, leaves 1 survivor

  • video pic 01:23
    Great Britain (United Kingdom; England) $250.0

    Thousands protest Trump’s visit to London

Vox Pops

  • video pic 02:11
    United States of America (USA) $150.0

    Audience Reviews: China challenges Hollywood with own sci-fi blockbuster

  • video pic 01:50
    United States of America (USA) $200.0

    US may soon tie social media to visa applications

  • video pic 02:08
    Japan $160.0

    At this Japanese school boys are allowed to wear skirts as part of their uniform

Short Documentaries

  • video pic 03:01
    Venezuela $400.0

    Venezuela: The price of piracy

  • video pic 02:09
    Russian Federation $300.0

    Can Omsk, one of the most polluted city in Russia, come clean?

  • video pic 03:30
    Australia $700.0

    This sanctuary island holds the world’s smallest penguins

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