About us

With a team of media veterans, digital natives and videographers stationed around the world, we provide today's young news consumers with short-form videos designed for mobile devices.

We cover subjects as varied as politics, commerce, society, science, technology, media, entertainment and lifestyle.

As of May, 2018, our APP has been downloaded 1.03 hundred million times, with over 10 million active users on our APP each day, and with an average of 10 billion individual video viewed daily across our media platforms. The total number of videos viewed is now in excess of 145.2 billion.

Based on smart phone technology, Pear Video has established a worldwide network of thousands of freelancers stationed in over 500 cities. Working in different fields, they document changes in the world by directly uploading video stories and footage to Pear Video's system.

Pear Video is an open, cross-platform media company with video content streaming on our app, our site, and distributed on social media platforms in multiple native formats.

To achieve this we have developed partnerships with businesses who have a variety of different distribution models.

Pear Video is funded by China Media Capital(CMC), the leading investment and operating platform in media and entertainment, Internet and mobile, and lifestyle. CMC has created and cultivated many leading and innovative companies across the entire spectrum of content, platform, technology, and service.

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